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Committed to the high, the fun, and the good times.

History of Almarima

It all begins when three friends from the beach, Beñat, Mikel and Lander having dinner one summer night, we decided to create a Softboard project to help people get started in Surfing, thus the UPSURFBOARD brand emerged. Subsequently, the brand has continued to develop different lines of boards within the Soft boards, in addition to offering accessories and clothing, increasing the range of products to meet the needs of surfers.

After growing in the number of clients with the possibility of offering complementary products, we began to distribute ONDA wetsuits for Spain. High quality wetsuits with different types of ranges, offering material for the professional use of surf schools, until polishing the latest subtleties and becoming one of the benchmark brands of wetsuits for Portuguese surfers.

The next step we took was to create the Surf distributor ALMARIMA SURF COMPANY SL, which in addition to offering products from the UP and ONDA brands, we offer products and services from other brands such as GORKA GURDI, of which in addition to having their best photos available For different uses or services, we develop our own line of products, and can even offer personalized photography services.

Thank you for visiting our website, see you at the best beaches.

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